Poly-crystalline solar modules (TS200-220)

Poly-crystalline solar modules (TS200-220)

Mono-crystalline solar modules (TSM160-180)

Mono-crystalline sola rmodules TSM160-180

Poly-crystalline solar modules (TS260-280)

Poly-crystalline solar modules (TS260-280)

System characteristics:

People that are looking for a great return on there investment from solar for there home or small office.

Florida Solar Panels start up system will give you about 5.2kwh of energy each day in the sunshine state of Florida. This system has a wide application area, which includes such as grid-connected power system, stand alone power system, civic construction, military, communication, traffic, industry and agriculture etc.

Our high quality guarantee using 125/156 mm high conversion efficiency crystalline solar cells.

The (IRTSM160-180) Mono- crystalline modules incorporate the highest performance bypass diodes minimize the power drop usually caused by shading. With our high transmittance, low iron tempered glass; high performance EVA; a weatherproof back sheet and sandblast electrophoresis is aluminum frame extending the application of our modules greatly. The (IRTSM 160-180) have a 2 years product warranty and 25 years limited warranty on power output and performance. This system is waterproof, sealed, and have multi-functional junction box that gives the end user a high level of safety.

IRSE have several modules to meet the need of our customers, some modules are (IRTS 200-220) and (IRTS 260-280). IRSE have Mono- crystalline solar modules and Poly-crystalline solar modules.

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Florida Solar panels analyzed research have revealed to be able to last 30 years. Due to its longevity, the Independent EU Energy Institute believes these panels are a beneficial and long term investment for homeowners.

Amongst the eldest, most resourceful and reliable ways to generate electricity from our Earth’s sunlight, Mono-crystalline photovoltaic solar energy panels have been the most sought out technology for years. Crafted from a single silicon crystal, each component of this technology is inexpensive and more modern compared to polycrystalline panels.

Boasting the ability to generate electrical power from sunlight, solar power systems contain automatic switches and an inner charge. The system has the capability to run on off battery power when the energy is cut and automatically switch and use main power while charging its own battery. Backup Power Source (BPS) has both solar systems and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which connects with grid electricity and can be used when solar power is insufficient