Solar Collectors Tampa, Lakeland, Brandon, Clearwater, St Pete, Florida

Solar Collectors Tampa, Lakeland, Brandon, Clearwater, St Pete, Florida We offer a wide variety of solar collectors that include pressurized systems, non-pressurized systems, solar vacuum tubes and solar heat pipes. Solar collectors are better known as solar panel systems, but both terms are commonly used to describe them. Solar panels for homes have become increasingly more popular because of the many advantages they possess over traditional gas and electric heating systems.

Solar Collector – Pressured System

Solar Collector Pressured System

The standard type and the new type are both manufactured to the highest quality so that you can enjoy their benefits to the fullest extent, without having to worry about them. The benefits that each type possesses are listed below

  • Minimal heat loss, 25mm of hail protection, highly efficient.
  • They have the ability to work together because many solar collectors can be connected.
  • The solar heat pipe is made out of copper so it is extremely conductive.
  • The solar vacuum tube is able to operate without water.
  • An aluminum alloy manifold ensures that it is structurally sound.
  • It can still properly work at -30 degrees Celsius.

Solar Collector – Non-Pressurized System

Solar Collector Non Pressurized System

The horizontal and vertical designs of these solar collectors allow for easy installation because they can be installed on almost any roofing surface, whether it is a flat roof or an angled roof. Many people are initially concerned about where on their roofs these residential solar panels can be installed. The lack of options for installation is often a major deterrent for people considering residential solar panels. This is why we offer two variations, horizontal and vertical, that are able to better suit people’s specific solar energy requirements and needs in Tampa, Lakeland, Brandon, Clearwater and St Pete.

Vacuum Tubes


Solar vacuum tubes are an integral component in solar panel systems because they are responsible for conducting and insulating heat. They are made of an extremely durable Borosilicate glass, which helps them provide excellent insulation properties. One of the best features about our solar vacuum tubes is that they are able to generate heat during the colder climates of the winter months, and even during overcast weather. Residents of Tampa, Lakeland, Brandon, Clearwater and St Pete do not have to worry as much about colder climates but overcast weather is something that is fairly common in Florida.

Heat Pipes

Heat Pipes

Solar heat pipes are designed to transfer heat once they have collected solar energy. The standard and super types we offer are engineered to perfect the process of heat transfer and do just that. They are hermetically sealed to ensure that no heat is lost and that the performance is not altered during the solar collector’s service lifespan. The seal is also water tight and very efficient in conducting heat. Some other important benefits and specifications of our solar heat pipes are listed below.

  • Protected from freezing and corrosion due to the sealing.
  • It is not affected by the angle at which it is placed, which allows you to keep the visual beauty of your house and provide freedom in architectural design.
  • No maintenance is required because each tube is sealed independently.
  • Installation is very easy due to the assemblage of the solar collector tubes prior to the system’s installation.
  • The system and system fluid, which is comprised of anti-freeze mixture and water, is safeguarded from extreme working temperatures because the solar heat pipes have a self limitation feature.
  • System efficiency is further ensured because the thermal only flows one way and never in reverse