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International Renewable Solar Energy LLC (IRSE) is a new high tech company that specializes in the utilization of solar energy. Located in Seffner, Florida, our solar energy company has a high quality staff that is experienced in a variety of renewable solar energy techniques, with a dedication to solar hot water heaters. With strong integration capability and global resources, our company is quickly moving forward to establish an international brand.

Our International Renewable (IR) Florida solar hot water heaters include IR Wanbao solar heating systems, IR Ruyi solar heating systems, IR Fuyun solar heating systems, IR Hexie solar heating systems, and IR Haoyun solar heating systems. These solar products are conducted with serious quality control measures. Our solar energy company was awarded the ISO9001 certificate for our management and products, and our products have the CCC certificate and the CE certificate. These solar products have been regarded as quality safe products due to IRSE’s good image and high quality of service.

IRSE focuses on the exploration of renewable solar energy and how products like solar hot water heaters can be used as efficiently as possible. We attach great importance to leading edge research and innovation to make our company a step ahead in the future market. As one of the leading enterprises in the United States, IRSE firmly believes that the constant rule of the market is constant change and the challenge is the drive of innovation. With the manufacturing excellence that we stand behind, our Florida solar energy company is fully integrated with IRSE’s global manufacturing system. With a world class facility, IRSE offers substantial and timely service not only to the domestic markets of Tampa, Lakeland, Brandon, Clearwater and St Pete but also to the rest of the world. IRSE’s tenet is “The utmost success of the company is the customers’ satisfaction.”

Guided by business philosophy, our Florida company has experienced success in the three historic periods, noted as brand building and identity creation, diversification and globalization. We have long attached great significance to innovation in satisfying the demands of worldwide consumers and realizing the win-win performance between our company and our clients. Facing fierce global market competition, IRSE has launched the global brand building strategy and updated the spirit: “The relentless pursuit of perfection,” with an aim to gain global recognition and sustainable development.

IRSE provides complete consultation services before, during and after the sale of one of our solar hot water heaters in Tampa, Lakeland, Brandon, Clearwater and St Pete Florida. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Florida Solar Company

Pre-sale service:Our excellent customer service and staff enables each of our users to make a well informed investment so that they can obtain a generous repayment.

  • We help you choose the right type of solar hot water heater for your market and intended use.
  • We let you know the feature, use method. etc., of the solar hot water heater.

  • According to our customer’s specific requirements, we design and manufacture the appropriate solar products.

Sale service:Respect is always paid to the customer because we are devoted to improving the entire value of the customer’s experience.

  • We let you know our production process.

  • We collect, compare, then choose the best freight forwarding company for you in terms of Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF).

  • In accordance with your requirements, we provide strict supervision to ensure product quality.

  • We deliver goods to customers on time.
  • We keep in touch with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Post-sale service:Thank you for becoming a user of IRSE by purchasing an Florida Solar Company heating system. We are dedicated to solving any concerns that you may have for the future.

  • We let you know exact departure of your shipped item.

  • We can train you to install more efficiently.

  • We provide the services of consultation and designing energy saving solar heating systems.

  • Our professional engineers provide the services of installation and adjustment.

  • Online consultation and a customer service specialty line are also provided.

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